Who Are We?


Aaron began flying gliders when he was 13 and has since become a Flight Instructor in Gliders and a Commercial Pilot in Airplanes. He spends most of his weekends out at the airport either flying or working on the aircraft. He loves introducing people to the joys of flight, and will most likely either be in the glider with you, or flying the tow plane when you come out. 


Marici has been flying for most of her life. She now is an instructor in gliders here at Red Tail, and is a tow pilot. Her and her husband own a Beautiful 2-22 with quite a history. Be sure to ask about it while you are out here!


Brent has been flying gliders for over a decade and loves every minute of it. One can also find him in his Taylorcraft buzzing around the valley and beyond. When the lift is good you can often find him in his Blanik L-33 sailplane trying to stay aloft. 



Jon started flying as a teenager and began towing gliders just this past year. He enjoys meeting people and thinks flying the Pawnee is great. Jon loves to fly with his dad, Lee in their Luscombes. 


Scott has been flying around the Willamette Valley for longer than he may like to admit. He flies his Cessna 140 when he can, but has found a new home in the Pawnee this past year. He has been flying gliders at the McMinnville Airport for a few years, but found that flying the Tow Plane is great fun. 


Graham has been flying out of McMinnville for over a decade and now runs Red Tail's favorite Maintenance Facility, NW AirRepair. He has been towing gliders off and on for a few years and enjoys flying his Pacer and C-180. 



Stitch is the glider dog of Red Tail Soaring. You can find him out chasing his favorite toy, old aircraft tires most days we are flying, and some days when we aren't. If you start a game of fetch you will have a friend for life. 


There are many others who have helped make us who we are, but they can be too numerous to get them all. However a huge thanks to Robin, Bob, Jeanie, Gabby, Al, Mike, Brad, Colin, Andy, Bill, Joe, and Judy.