Tow Plane Progress

In December 2012 we started the process to Re-Cover the wings of our tow plane. Our beautiful Piper PA-25 Pawnee could use a little love, and we were determined to give her what she deserved. Here are some pictures of the work and progress.

Here she was before we started.

Airplanes don't look right without wings!

Once the wings were off the airplane, we took the old fabric off of the wings to start the clean up process.

Good thing Stitch was around to supervise the cleaning.

While we were at it, we did the tail feathers too.

Here is an aileron all cleaned up and prepped for covering.

After the aileron was covered and ironed, we then rib stitch. For those wondering, we are using the Stewart System, and loving it.

A half covered elevator

Once the control surfaces were done, we prepped the left wing.

Here is a pic after the left wing was covered and shrunk.

Here Scott rib stitches with Patrick.

Then we tape the ribs etc.

Then we start the right wing.

A huge thanks goes to Gabby, Scott, Jon and Graham for their help on this. I couldn't do it without you all!!!