We offer rides with our FAA certified Commercial Pilots. Come experience what it is like to fly without the need of a motor. You and your pilot will soar above the Willamette Valley and see all there is to see. On the right days one can see all of the mountains from Mt. Rainier to the north to the Three Sisters to the south. Observe the Yamhill River meandering through the farmland near by and marvel at the vineyards of Yamhill County. 

Rides For One

Fly in the front seat of our Schweizer 2-33 and see what the Willamette Valley has to offer. With great visibility and comfortable seating you can't help but enjoy yourself. With a tow of 3000ft or more you will get the opportunity to fly the glider once you are at a safe altitude. If you are interested in taking the controls, your pilot will guide you while you take control of the aircraft. If you would rather just look around, that's great too.

  • BGR - A tow to 2000ft. Get a taste of flying without an engine.
    •  Approximately 10-15 minutes*                                                      $75
  • Hawk - A tow to 3000ft. With enough time to take the controls.
    • Approximately 15-20 minutes*                                                       $100
  • Eagle - A tow to 4000 ft. More time to spend at the controls or just looking around.
    • Approximately 20-25 minutes*                                                       $130
  • Mile High Flight - A tow to 5280 ft. From a mile up you get more time at the controls and get to see more of the landscape around you.  
    • Approximately 25-35 minutes*                                                       $180
  • Super Soaring Scenic Flight - A tow to 6000 ft. For the most time and altitude, go big!
    • Approximately 35-45 minutes*                                                       $230

Weight of the passenger is limited to 225lbs for the safety of pilot and passenger. 

For information about Gift Certificates, check out our "Gift Certificate" tab.

* Times and altitudes are dependent on current weather and traffic conditions. Our pilots do their best to ensure a safe and fun ride.